Raps State for having no disaster management plan yet

CHENNAI: Barely six months after the renovated Chetpet lake was opened to the public, the state government is planning to add more facilities for visitors.

Tata Power, one of India's largest integrated power company, announced that its generation capacity increased by close to 9 per cent in the first quarter of the current fiscal against the previous

CHENNAI: The first phase of the rooftop solar power project has become operational in the Chennai airport.

A parliamentary panel has rejected Union Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi’s contention that there cannot be preparation for a disaster like the Chennai floods which “occurs once in 100 years.”

CHENNAI: "Do not honk. Just fly above me" - read a sticker asking motorists to turn the volume down and restrain from blaring horns.

CHENNAI: For a city that has faced six massive floods in the last 50 years, the State government is working to set up a Real Time Flood Forecasting and Spatial Decision Support System for Chennai.

In 2008, after a crackdown on vehicular/industrial pollution to clean up Beijing's air in the run-up to the Olympics, Chinese officials found the average birth weight of newborns improved.

CHENNAI: INVESTIGATION into some city hospitals, including noted ones, selling bio-medical waste instead of treating and disposing of them safely as is mandatory, has zeroed in on a private firm th

Project seeks to protect coastal districts from cyclones and flooding