The health department has sounded alarm in the division following discovery of several cases of dengue and malaria this season.

Dengue In Check, But Rise In Chikungunya Cases Worrying Trend

AHMEDABAD: After the state lost the first round of chemical warfare against mosquitoes, the state health department has been advised to update its armoury. Initially, 'white' powder - chalk mixed with 5% of a substance called malathion - was used to arrest mosquito growth. But it proved to be ineffective.

The Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change, a panel of international experts assessing the current scientific knowledge on climate, has asserted that warming of the earth's climate system is ‘unequivocal', Fr. Ignacimuthu, Director, Entomology Research Institute, Loyola College, Chennai, said here recently.

BERHAMPUR: Two persons of Kabisuryanagar block have tested positive for dengue while seven samples tested positive for chikungunya.

Bangalore : In a bid to take its civilian products to the masses, the Defence Research and Development Organisation, through its new H1N1 detection system, has made testing for the deadly flu more affordable and less time consuming.

Munda mulls dam request to Orissa CM, heavy rain destroys medical records at government hospital

The scientists, from the SCMS Biotechnology Centre here, are confident that the antigen would make diagnosis of the disease more cost-effective, apart from giving accurate results.

The public health department has been seeking support from the education department for raising community awareness.

KOCHI: With the communicable diseases like malaria spreading in the district, the authorities with the Health Department are planning a slew of measures targeting the migrant labourers here.

Though the cases of malaria have been on the rise in the district since 2000, the authorities are unable to put in place proper measures to contain the disease.

On Tuesday, seven cases of malaria were