Six new chikungunya cases were reported in the Capital on Wednesday, taking the total number of cases reported so far in the Capital to eight.

All six new cases were reported from Palam and the surrounding areas in Najafgarh, according to MCD Medical Relief and Public Health Committee Dr. V. K. Monga.

KOCHI: The people in Kerala have been living under the threat of various vector-borne diseases (VBDs) like chikungunya and dengue.

Such diseases have been spreading in the state at an unprecedented scale.

It’s the season for mosquito-borne illnesses. After malaria and dengue, yet another mosquito-borne viral illness, chikungunya, has reared its head, much to the dismay of overburdened doctors and patients in the city.

Gandhinagar: Even as swine flu raises its ugly head in the state once again, Gujarat faces grave threat from the growing mosquito menace as well.

Allaying fears about rising cases of dengue and chikungunya, Health and Civic officials on Tuesday asserted both the viral fevers were under control and no dengue deaths had been reported this year in Karnataka.

With three dengue cases reported in the taluk concerns over outbreak of chikungunya and dengue fever have resurfaced bringing back painful memories of the previous year when almost all the families suffered from either chikungunya or dengue and hospitals were crowded.

Hyderabad, July 2: People with positive blood groups should take extra precautions against Chikungunya as the virus that causes this extremely painful disease has greater affinity to positive blood groups.

Poornima Nataraj Bangalore, June 23, DHNS

The rainy season has not only shown the lack of preparedness by civic agencies, but has also led to new mosquito related health outbreaks in the City.

The State Health Department has reported 251 dengue cases and 310 chikungunya cases this year from January to June.

Rashmi Menon, Bangalore, June 18, DHNS:

The arrival of monsoon seems to have brought in an unknown viral fever in the City. Apart from the usual suspects - dengue, malaria and chikungunya - hospitals are noticing people coming with viral syndrome. The doctors, however, are unable to identify the virus causing it.