The Ministry of Health has issued an alert on disease outbreaks in several counties.

NEW DELHI: The government is set to streamline the rules for blood donation for safety of both patients and donors.

With the monsoon only a couple of days away, officials of the Pune Municipal Corporation’s health department have identified 89,896 mosquito breeding spots in the city.

The cases of vector-borne diseases are usually reported between mid-July and November-end, but this period may stretch up to mid-December.

Worried over the change in climatic conditions and its impact on the health of residents, the Delhi government's health department is preparing a road map on how to deal with the seasonal changes i

Heavy rains and floods have heightened cholera and chikungunya outbreaks across Kenya, the UN says in its report.

The Delhi government has directed all schools in the national capital to involve students in spreading information on prevention and control of vector-borne diseases such as dengue and chikungunya.

The total numbers of dengue cases have reached 26 this year, according to a data released by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) on Monday.

What we mainly find is an inequality in disease management, particularly in large cities and the zones between them

The inefficiency of civic agencies in keeping Delhi’s drains unclogged has left the city in the grip of a mosquito menace.