A new study suggests that the more hours a child spends in day-care centres or with caretakers, the greater is the impact of separation on the mother-child bond. The National Institute of Child

Thousands of people, including orphan children, face a bleak future living in the world s most polluted city

a recent study has shown alarming

a new study conducted on 212 children in Michigan, us , has revealed that exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls ( pcb ), a common pollutant, while in their mothers' womb has led to a

A new drug will reduce the agony and the costs of treating thalassaemia, a hereditary blood disorder

A pregnant woman exposed to cigarette smoke can pass on the harmful smoke constituents to the foetus

Recent studies indicate that the greater the weight of babies at birth, the less prone they are to heart disease during their riotous adult years

India has yet to tackle the problem of leaded petrol, which causes brain damage in children

ALCOHOLIC mothers whose babies suffer from foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) have a great deal for which to answer. Not only are such babies prone to mental retardation, but they rarely improve