With the most powerful telescope in the world coming up in Chile, our view of the final frontier is sure to become larger and clearer

A World Bank body is flouting its own environmental norms

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A recent archaeological find in this Latin American country has indicated that Asian migration had begun far earlier in the Americas than is currently presumed. The immigrants got to South America

Geological studies conducted in northern Chile reveal that the enrichment of metal ores through the weathering of rocks, is a process mediated by bacteria

Aquaculture has spelt success for the tiny island of Chilo6, off the coast of southern Chile. Such has been the boom that Chile ig now the world's second-largest salmon producer after Norway.

A cellular phone for the ordinary Chilean is passe as the country advances to heights which even the us is yet to achieve in the field of communications. School students routinely communicate via

The Chilean sky is overcast with thunderheads of controversy. Lawyers, scientists and landowners are slugging it out with the European Southern Observatory (ESO) - an 8-state venture

You can't tilt against these windmills. A good wind has literally swept into the lives of the inhabitants of Chile's Coquimbo region as 31 windmills have been set spinning to pump water. Some of the

Meet Manfred Max Neef. Pianist, economist, eco humanist and politician from Chile, all rolled into one. Internationally acclaimed for his concept of "human scale development", Max Neef concludes traditional development models have failed. Green party cand