The Pangue dam project has got the World Bank's approval for a large loan amidst charges of environmental violations.

The Palena local government in Chilean Patagonia recently ordered the navy to remove all breeding cages of industrial salmon illegally placed by Pacific Star Salmon Company in Chaiten village. The

Mining company plans to move three glaciers in Chile

Chile witnessed a huge celebratory march by thousands of environmentalists, covering 14 cities of the country, on July 9, 2005. The activists sought to underline their successes, especially their two

Even as the case of widespread lead poisoning in Arica, a city in northern Chile, remains unresolved, the same problem has now raised its head in Santiago, Chile. Chilean authorities recently seized

Chile's indegenous community of Pehuenche Indians have found rare political support. President Ricardo Lagos absented himself from the inauguration of the controversial Ralco dam, 500 kilometres

Killing two birds with a single law. That is exactly what the Chilean president Ricardo Lagos is up to. A new law proposed by him aims at the creation of a research fund from royalties paid by the

Reflecting upon the fifth ministerial conference of the World Trade Organization at Cancun, a Down To Earth editorial see: "How not to lose all", October 1

Overzealous conservationists block progress at CITES meet
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A United Nations report highlights the connection between environment and health