The National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX), India's largest agri-trading platform, has announced the launch of the futures contract in certified emission reduction (CER), a type of carb

Poor countries at the U.N.

This paper considers the needed adaptation and mitigation agenda for cities in India

Climate change is not just an environmental issue; and responding to climate change is not just about turning to more efficient energy technologies. Climate change is also an economic issue and the poverty-stricken Asia and Pacific region must learn to cope with it now and prepare for a future of more change.

This report develops a Structural Ricardian model to measure climate change impacts that explicitly models the choice of farm type in African agriculture. This two stage model first estimates the type of farm chosen and then the conditional incomes of each farm type after removing selection biases.

People switched off lights across the world on Saturday, dimming buildings, hotels, restaurants and bars to show concern at global warming.

Calling himself "just a politician' who was alarmed by the warnings that were coming to 10, Downing Street

The issue is often portrayed as a battle between the developed and the developing world. Wrong. It is something which affects us all and which we need to address together.

Former foreign secretary Shyam Saran has been named the Prime Minister's special envoy on climate change.

Global warming is already taking its toll. In Darfur, where several hundred thousand people have died in recent years from the internal conflict, climate change has exacerbated water and land shortages (because of growing desertification), undermined agriculture, and fueled conflict over these scarce resources among the poor. March 2008