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Climate change will not be gradual, but a swift and sudden process

World Bank s proposed role in the global carbon market is good news for the US, but it may spell doom for developing countries

The Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board has begun privatisation of water supply projects. It has handed out about 70 pumping stations to the private sector for operation and

Australia's performance at the 1997 Kyoto meeting of the Climate Change Convention was described as a diplomatic coup. Against all odds, our delegation headed by the Environment Minister, Robert

In a step towards running public transport buses in the Capital on cleaner fuel, the Delhi Transport Corporation will soon begin its experiment with four buses running on Compressed Natural Gas. The

One hot year : Last year was the hottest year on record, according to NASA researchers who say the rising temperatures are further evidence that the world is heating up. ''Global surface temperatures

Not for nothing have we all been mopping our brows recently: the heat really is being turned up. And it's getting wetter too. But for those who fancy cooler conditions, the news is good.

Even as a proposed treaty on global warming faces an uncertain future in the US Senate, big companies are maneuvering to push through legislation giving them valuable credits for early actions to

Glaciologists are arguing on the speed at which the Himalayan glaciers are reteating. Doubts have been raised on the IPCC Report. Read this report on Himalayan glaciology by Syed Hasnain which is leading to the controversy.

In the present study, the temporal patterns of monsoon floods on five large rivers of the Deccan Peninsula have been investigated. Analyses of the long-term annual maximum discharge/state data, available for the last 100 years or so, show non-random behaviour in terms of distinct periods of high and low floods.