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Implementation of the Kyoto Protocol of 1997 may not have a smooth going as developing countries have put forward fresh conditionalities for their participation in the scheme. The scheme envisages

energy-saving fan: The South India Textile Research Asso

How the malaria parasite takes out an insurance policy to deal with the immune system

Nearly half of Bangladesh's 130 million population will get a reprieve following the recent successful research in the treatment of arsenic contaminated water. Called the Direct Coprecipitation

...in the next century may not be very simple, say climate scientists

a big chunk of Antarctica has been

Rising levels of greenhouse gases have led to faster tree growth in arid regions. The discovery boosts the case for planting forests in dry areas to combat the effects of global warming. Plants

It has been hailed as the fuel of the future, a source of energy that could power our planet throughout the next century. But now scientists have warned that the world's largest untapped energy

On November 23 and 24, the apex court will consider the arguments of both the greens-- represented by the Environmental Pollution Control Authority (EPCA)-- and the auto manufacturers on the virtues

The Inter-governmental panel on climate change - an international group of scientists sponsored by the United Nations - has calculated that developing countries will be twice as vulnearable to