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The first phase of the Delhi metro project will reduce the daily consumption of petrol by about Rs 5.23 lakh litres and diesel by Rs. 2.58 lakh litres, resulting in a saving of more than Rs 5 crores

Global warming could mean more boys being born in the future, a German medical researcher has found. Alexander Lerchl, 39, of Muenster University, compared the birthdates of boys and girls born in

Pakistan government's plan to allow the sale of only one kind of petrol, premier gasoline, from Jan 1 to stop adulteration is more likely to put extra financial burden on users of regular oil.

An "environmental squad" has been formed for impounding smoke emitting and noisy vehicles in the Pakistan city of Faisalabad. The decision was taken at a meeting convened by the secretary of

experts : More than 15,000 glaciers in the Himalayas could vanish in the next 40 years due to global warming, causing devastating consequences for millions of people living in the plains of Indus,

Himalayan glaciers could vanish within 40 years because of global warming, according to new research. The findings are to be disclosed at an international meeting that opened yesterday at the

Debate on protocols for developing carbon sinks to offset greenhouse gas emissions was fraught by emotion and division, World Business Council for Sustainable Development president Bjorn Stigson

Long-term observations in the northwestern Pacific Ocean by the Japan's Meteorological Agency have revealed that the ocean absorbs carbon dioxide in subtropical and temperate areas but discharges the

Water shortage is far from anyone's mind on the banks of the mighty Rhone River as it surges through eastern France. Along its 500-mile route, it is fed by many tributaries until the river spills,

The Comptroller and Auditor-General(CAG) has reported that even after incurring an expenditure of rs 2,438.68 crores, the major Narmada valley projects had shown only a marginal increase in