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a recent article, in one of the dailies in Delhi reported that Bihar accounts for 90 per cent of kala-azar cases countrywide and 5.5-crore people are prone to it in 30 of the 56 districts of the

Australian scientists say ocean warming has increased rainfall over the Southern Ocean

around 150 people have succumbed to heatwave conditions in Chicago. New York recorded its hottest July in history with temperatures soaring above 32 degrees for eight days in a row. Officials

The Nature Conservation Society

the Third European Conference on Environment and Health was recently organised in London. Ministers of health and environment from 51 countries, non-governmental organisations and professionals

Do not lose sleep over insomnia, says the physic. Resort more to behavioural changes and less to pills. The rest is zzz...

Strict US legislations are forcing cigarette companies to shift business to developing countries, where they are helped by lax laws and political reluctance to deal with the menace

Adieu mouseIt is time to bid the mouse of your computer a goodbye. No more clicking

Meteorologists have warned that the current drought in Uganda is likely to worsen in the coming months and called on the government to formulate

from Virginia to Massachusetts, extending even as far west as Ohio, exceptionally dry weather conditions threaten eastern United States with drought. The National Weather Service has blamed the