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THE 20th century is recorded as the hottest in at least a millennium, accord-ing to scientists. Studies of tree rings, ice cores, corals and historical records from Europe and China going back 1,000

The ice layer is thinning and spring arrives sooner than expected. The Arctic is already experiencing the impacts of global warming

Once harmonious, the human-elephant relationship has taken an ugly turn. Faulty forest policies and nationwide destruction of elephant habitats are forcing the animals"otrt of the forests ahd into nearby villages, where pachyderm raids are becoming increa

Coral reefs in the Andaman Sea are losing their colour, owing to extensive bleaching. Experts say global warming is to blame

The industry, Pentagon and the US navy lobby for the ratification of a sea treaty

Elective caesarean delivery, combined with an antiretroviral drug, can slash chances of infected mothers transmitting AIDS to their babies

Pollinators, small insects like bees and butterflies, animals like bats and small birds such as the hummingbird, play a big role in helping plants propagate. Their populations are declining rapidly. If they die out, so will the plants that depend on them

DOW CORNING, the US silicon products manufacturer, has agreed to a US $3.2 billion deal, ending the long-running US battle over breast implant litigation. The company will pay the amount to

There is more to your average germ than you can digest with a straight face. These bacteria can prevent allergies and fight ulcers

The seed of a humble tree may be a substitute for diesel and could hasten rural electrification