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The European Commission called on European Union countries to strengthen measures to curb greenhouse gas emissions after warning they could rise in the next few years. An analysis of the EU's

Ford Motor Co. said it would cut smog-forming emissions starting this fall on its entire North American pickup truck line, a move that makes it the only major automaker to convert most of its light

The U.S. Department of Energy saidit approved privately held New York-based Pure Energy Corp.'s new "P-series" fuel as an alternative fuel for use in federal and state government vehicle fleets. The

Coal, which accounts for about 75 percent of China's energy production, is the main cause of sulphur dioxide emissions. Some 600 million tons of coal were consumed nationwide in 1980, with the figure

Australia yesterday attacked theEuropean Union for its decision to seek limits on carbon emissions trading under the Kyoto climatechange treaty, saying the move could undermine talks starting later

The United States expressed disappointment in a decision by the European Union to seek limits on carbon emissions trading under the Kyoto global climate treaty, saying the EU was rewriting prior

The CSIRO is to test a prototype vaccine for farm animals that could cut Australia's greenhouse gas emissions by more than 10 per cent. The vaccine triggers antibodies, which

The story of bioinvasion for beginners

The search for extraterrestrial life

Alaskan natives take the message of the dangers of climate change catastrophic to the office of an oil company , whose activities threaten their culture and livelihood