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The state is struggling to meet the rising water demand. It is time to learn from the days when people arranged their own water. In cities and in villages. A special report by the CENTRE FOR SCIENCE AND ENVIRONMENT

Are you depressed? The chances are high if you regularly surf the Internet

India's genius in catching rainwater lies in thousands of its invisible rural engineers who are today being edged out by the modern onslaught. In order to understand their pride and their plight, researchers of the Centre for Science and Environment CSE

A DEBATE similar to the one raised during the time when scientists were busy harnessing atomic power is taking place in the field of agriculture. The issue this time is genetically modified crops.

We are at the gateway of the Indian Thar desert. Domes dot the sandy fields of the village of Lahsedi in district Churu, Rajasthan. At the edge of each dome are little holes, surrounded by a clean

Authorities plan reforestation scheme to combat floods

A virus has provided a hint of how the Earth's first organisms got things done. Many biologists believe that the earliest forms of life comprised molecules of ribonucleic acid (RNA) - DNA's chemical

Researchers discover how human activities are responsible for good or bad weather at the weekend

High carbon dioxide levels may bring about some unpleasant surprises

A techno-audit committee appointed by the Montreal Protocol Fund (MPF) has come to India to study the status of the chlorofluorocarbon(CFC) industry. The experts - Jamel Wakm, Robert Schwaar and