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The ozone layer over the Antarctica was nearly as severely depleted in November last year as it was in 1993, when it reached a record low, reveal several airborne and space sensors. According to

Studies reveal that falling ozone concentration could partly offset global warming

A warm Pacific current that is the cause of much human misery appears to be brewing again

The government is sowing the wind for energy, attracting investments with the promise of fiscal felicity.

Noisy vehicles through the Brenner Pass is not only threatening environment but also causing hindrance to the Transit Treaty

THE Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Convention (IPCC) report has confirmed the basis of what many environmentalists have been posting warnings for some time: that the current global emissions of

The atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are increasing and a rise in global temperatures seems imminent

GLOBAL warming, depletion of the ozone layer and loss of biodiversity have become the most terrifying bogeys of the world community in recent years) and have spawned a series of international

The US government is spurring on embryo research that might provide crucial treatment clues to ailments still evading cures

or the campaign child of non-governmental organisations. It has come of age as a respectable middle class concern. Perhaps it is ready to graduate into commodity fetishism? Business establishments