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A recent study by five national laboratories for the U.S. Department of Energy - entitled the "interlaboratory Working Group, scenarios of U.S. Carbon Reductions : Potential Impacts of

A growing number of U.S. industry leaders are beginning to consider the impact of global warming and the need to develop new energy efficient technologies to cut greenhouse gases, suspected of

An environmentally friendly turbine that is powered only by the flow of water, but that can irrigate 5,000 hectares of land, could solve a pressing problem for small farmers in developing countries.

The long-awaited decision on free import of zinc ash continues to hang fire, with the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MEF) and secondary zinc manufacturers unable to arrive at a consensus over

Perak is prepared to supply 100 million litres of untreated water to the Klang Valley. Mentri Besar Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib said yesterday the water could be channelled through a special tunnel

Deputy Science Minister Pornthep Techapaibul has so far failed to come up with evidence to back his accusation that some villagers have filed false claims for compensation for lost farmland because

Belching cows are a main source of gas emissions that cause the greenhouse effect, raising the earth's average temperature, a study has found, reports Oano-Kyodo. The study by the Brazilian agency of

political and military leaders from Cambodia and Vietnam are involved in large-scale illegal logging, according to an environmental group in Britain. If the government policies are not changed,

Protecting poor countries from becoming dumping grounds for the North s wastes

Sunscreens do not help prevent skin cancer. This startling revelation came recently at a science conference in Philadelphia, USA, where the widely-held belief that sunscreens lower the risk of deadly