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Engineers at the US,based National Institute of Standards and Technology have developed a photovoltaic solar water heater that does away with the plumbing, replacing it with a wire

By devouring pests, spiders prove to be particularly useful to crops

The report vn the economic assessment of a global climate change meet creates mayhem

The legend goes that drops of nectar being carried to heaven fell on earth and out grew garlic plants. Though the role of garlic in curing various human ailments has long been established,

Sound waves to break up oil droplets that contaminate Soil

A retinal implant based on a microchip could help treat blindness

From environment-friendly cars, researchers move on to an environment-friendly aircraft, which derives all its energy from sunlight. Developed by a team of scientists from AcroVironment, an

Fresh research advances the date of human ancestors

New genetic techniques to introduce disease resistance and other traits in banana plants

An epiphanic understanding of gene sequencing at last seems to reveal the tale of life and death