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Agent Orange claims second generation victims in Vietnam

European laws are not effective to check the use of dangerous chemicals, says a European Commission report

Killer whales are eating sea otters in Alaska. This could change Alaska's coastal ecology

Our neighbour in the cosmos, the Andromeda Galaxy is home to puzzling concentric rings of cold dust that may one day sparkle with stars, say astronomers. Using the Infrared Space Observatory,

The UNESCO will continue to assist Bangladesh government for the protection and preservation of biodiversity of Sundarban, the largest mangrove forest across the world. The Minister of Forest and

Heat waves, droughts and diseases brought on by global warming could keep tourists away from some of the world's most popular vacation destinations in the coming decades, a report warned. The report,

Environmental and economic trends have made a global phaseout of coal both necessary and feasible. Although seen as a critical energy bridge to the future as recently as the 1980s, its use has

A new El Nino weather phenomenon is a reasonable possibility within the coming two years, United Nations weather analysts said last week. But it may well be less severe than the last El Nino, which

A study done by Jennifer McElwain and her colleagues at the University of Sheffield, in England, and published in this week's Science states that the late-Trissic extinction, which opened the earth

Sewage sludge - the solid waste that is left over after sewage has been treated - is being turned into electricity by Thames Water. The electricity generated at 22 sewage treatment works will be