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The development of adjustable wings will lead to more reliable and cheaper aircraft

Afforestation of degraded land in India can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

A genetically engineered viral contraceptive for mice could sterilise non targeted species

Genetically engineered algae reduces carbon dioxide and produces biodegradable plastic

Ecologists have long believed that extinction of native species, besides being caused by destruction of habitat, is also linked to the introduction of new species into their habitat. Ted Case,

Recently, Green-peace International, together with a hired British nuclear engineer, John Large, inspected a nuclear dump in Taiwan. Resembling a neatly tended corporate campus with only a sign in

A US company will provide 108 to 864 radio channels through a global satellite network

Birth control measures in African elephants have been withdrawn following undesirable results

After years of decline the vicuna makes a comeback in Peru

A study of 1,800 traditional sayings on weather has revealed that they are as useful in predicting the weather as modern-day forecasting methods. The uk -based study found that one in seven of the