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Unable to stop real estate developers from indiscriminately filling up ponds in the newly-added areas to the city, Calcutta Municipal Corporation (CMC) will use the West Bengal Fisheries Act to save

The UK could earn up to $1.1bn a year from trading in carbon emissions as the rest of Europe struggles to meet Kyoto pollution targets, according to independent research. But the report, by Ilex, the

Coral reefs the world over are showing signs of bleaching, largely due to global warming, and could become extinct by 2050, warn researchers. A sample survey of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands shows

Despite a booming economy, emissons of man-made carbon dioxide remained almost flat in the U.S. last year, and global emissions appear to have dropped. That has led to some experts to believe that

Three environmental groups have blasted the world's major energy companies for contributing more to global warming than many developing nations, issuing a critical report on their carbon emissions.

According to the SAARC Meteorological Research Centre (SMRC), the sea level along the coast of Bangladesh is rising at the rate of about three millimetres a year. Sea surface temperature is also

A senior Japanese scientist hinted that the current trend of global warming could be stopped to a large extent in the new millennium provided that the industrialized nations begin to consume fuel

A year ago, Zambia rang the alarm bells over the dumping of European-made domestic refrigerators that use CFCs - chemicals that contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. European countries

A meteor shower will light up the sky like a Christmas tree. But electronic satellites may not enjoy it

In some people, blood pressure rises when they visit the doctor.How do they deal with it?