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Richard Grove , a noted environmental historian from the Australian National University, Canberra, takes an active interest in the climatic and ecological aspects of India s colonial history. He fir

The increasing population of Antarctic fur seals threatens the ecology of the region

A lowfat diet can be as effective as any single drug therapy in checking high blood pressure

AS THE host of the next meeting of the ON Convention on Climate Change, which is scheduled to be held in December in Kyoto, Japan is making last-ditch attempts to finish its homework on global

The dreaded storm strikes the Pacific and the threat of destruction looms large

THE Centre has just cleared an international study called Indoex to look into the role of atmospheric aerosols (microscopic particles suspended in the atmos- phere) of Indian origin that may

Six years after the International Labour Organizatio6 (ILO) launched the International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC), reliabloata are still lacking. A recent ILO estimate

A survey of 10,076 households conducted by the NPD Group Inc in the US found that computers switched on at homes sit idle for 54 per cent of the time. The Sierra Club, a group

Wastefrom animal farms can now be recycled into fish food

AlewiJn Ott and Monique Bretler of Erasmus University, Rotterdam, have concluded that people who smoke are twice as likely to develop senile dementia as compared to those who have never smoked.