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A recent study on the notion of territoriality among tigers reveals that females are more home bound than the males

Interaction between the sun and the surface waters of the world's oceans are hiking temperatures

The establishment of a research station called the Zackenberg Ecological Research Operations ZERO marks Denmark's maiden effort to study climate change. ZERO hopes to provide valuable information on the region's ecology apart from being of service to th

North Americans have literally had to face some very rough weather this year After having dealt with a sweltering summer with sky rocketing temperatures, they have just rubbed shoulder with the blizzard of the century! What could be the culprit behind t

HARDLY have the Brazilian Indians absorbed the shock brought about by the change to the Decree 22/19, they are confronted by another decree which yet again threatens their ownership of land.

Scientists are making gloomy predictions that rising temperatures shall jeopardise not just human health but our crops as well

IT IS obvious that for the Brazilian government, people's rights do not matter. Why else would they - in spite of vociferous local protests and campaigns by several agencies in favour of the

ALL-OUT efforts have been launched to safeguard the maroon-fronted parrot, a rare species of parrot which has its home in the towering limestone cliffs of El Taray in northern Mexico. The

Higher temperatures the world over do not just result in rising sea levels. According to a recent report produced by scientists from 50 countries, global warming has endangered even human health

A MINI-EARTH on earth. That was what Biosphere 2, the ambitious programme of an enclosed ecosystem, encapsulated. But with its ownership changing hands last month, the programme is also