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The veryfirst scheme to recognise the intellectual property rights of the Kani tribals in Kerala, ran into rough weather, only to bounce back into action

FINDING a cure for cancer has been unending drive for many a drug fil for years now. But the UK-based Brit Biotech company seems poised to lea the others far behind with its flagst anticancer

This document contains the summary for Policymakers: The Science of Climate Change - IPCC Working Group I.

It details the following key features:
1. Greenhouse gas concentrations have continued to increase
2. Anthropogenic aerosols tend to produce negative radiative forcings
3. Climate has changed over the past century

Even as the recent photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope made news, radio observations made over the last three years by the NASA Deep Space Network anten- na at Goldstone,

PREVENTION, rather than cure could become the norm in the West if modern biotechnology has its way. Several big multinational drug firms such as Hoechst, Merck and Glaxo Wellcome are trying

The global godfather of nations The United Nations Organization is bankrupt and counting its pennies

REGULATIONS on marketing and labelling genetically engineered and other 'novel' foods have finally been agreed upon by European Union (EIJ) ministers. The legislation has now been passed over

With anti nuclear sentiments riding High today, porticularly in developing Countries it is appropriate that the hd Peace Prize went to an active besnifter inespon campaigner - ob 1, 11 and his

IT WAS the inexorable hand of climate that spurred human evolution. This is the latest finding of Peter researcher, working with the University of Columbia's Lamont-Doherty Observatory, us. No

Migrating to another country may lower or raise chances of contracting breast cancer, reveals a new study