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The international community is being exhorted to enforce a greenhouse regime

1980s Growing public Concern over scientific Evidence that Earth is getting warmer and the need to control the emission of greenhouse gases NOVEMBER 1988 First session of the Inter-governmental

The Chinese government is determined to dig deeper to extract more oil, gas, copper and other key minerals to keep up its present pace of development, says Xinhua, the official news agency. The

After years of controlling noise pollution, airports across the globe are now trying to curb water and air defilement

The US is facing strong opposition to its plans to incinerate chemical weapons

IN THEIR eagerness to assume global environmental leadership, representatives of the Indian government committed a faux pas recently by trying to grab the chairpersonship of the World Bank-controlled

Sweden's environment minister resigns over the government's plan to build a bridge and tunnel link with Denmark

IT IS painted bright red with big black spots and looks like a cross between a lady bug and a toy car. It is the ultra-mini Haishen or the "car for the masses" that is about to hit the gigantic

Indonesian farmers are seething with anger at the government's penchant for building golf resorts. To make way for the greens, the peasants are being forced to move out in search of other pastures,

• FARNWAY, a farmers' cooperative in northeastern England, is all set to pave the way for bio-diesel-fuelled vehicles. It plans to run its cars and lorries on bio-diesel produced from rapeseed.