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28 Feb 2009

There was a jamboree in my town recently, a gathering of the powerful and famous, to discuss the climate change agreement the world must carve out in Copenhagen by end 2009. But what happened was rather discomforting: We Indians were publicly lectured, castigated and rapped on our knuckles for being bad boys and girls by one and all.

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15 Jan 2009

I spent a week at the climate change conference in Poznan, and realized the world is in deep trouble and deeper denial. Worse, the denial is now entirely on the side of action. It is well accepted that climate change is a reality. Scientists say we need to cap temperature increases at 2

Before a post-Kyoto accord considering all aspects of countries emissions, a first step may be necessary to prepare Chinese and Indian businesses to new economic conditions internalizing the constraints of climate change. Carbon markets serve as a

This paper is meant to deliver input into the political discussion on Emission Performance Standards (EPS) in the EU power sector. The paper will explore the effects of the introduction of an EPS on electricity sector emissions until 2030 and discuss various EPS related implementation issues.

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