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In conversation with Sunita Narain, Director General, Centre for Science & Environment (CSE) & a noted environmentalist.

India Announces New climate Change targets. Started from 2:45 mins t


In this Short Film we did show that, "how the quantity of water decreases by time if we do not stop global warming". The cost of water will increase if quantity will decrease. One day no one will get the water! Not even in exchange of money!

A short film in which a father teaches his daughter that hell is not created by God but by humans and if we act responsibly, we can turn hell into heaven.

SAVE THE WORLD, is a funny take on how we fantasize about being a super hero and save the world, but what we forget is that we can save the world by doing our small bit, by RECYCLING. ACTONCLIMATECHANGE Film is shot and edited on Iphone6.

If global warming continues you could have less sex. That's right, there's even less sex than you’'re having now.

What goes around, comes back around..Its payback time for human kind..Get ready for the nature's vengeance.

04 Nov 2015

The developing countries must take the lead just as they have done in the transformation to sustainable development


Mukul Sanwal[1]

Health and wellbeing in Nepal are being improved thanks to a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) programme bringing clean-burning cookstoves to households in place of smoky traditional stoves.

The inspiring story of the Nepal Biogas Support Programme was told today with the premiere of video screened for climate change officials taking part in a workshop organized by the United Nations Environment Programme’s Southeast Asia Climate Change Network (SEAN-CC).