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Researchers at the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), Coimbatore, have developed a fuel-efficient bio-mass gas stove. The bio-gas could be produced from animal and crop wastes, and used for

Bangladesh experienced its worst ever cold wave that killed at least 220 people in the western and northern districts. Biman Bangaladesh, the national airline, cancelled many of its domestic and

scientists in the us say that 1997 was the hottest year. Global temperatures increased by an average of 0.083

In the afterglow of Decemeber's global warming treaty, euphoric diplomats sometimes likened their achievement to scaling a mountain: 159 nations had overcome treacherous politics and a steep economic

Waste water treatment and reuse for secondary activities may become mandatory for commercial ventures if the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) has its way. By the same token, using

National Hydro-electric Corporation (NHPC) will build four small hydel-based electric projects in the State. These projects are situated on Gandak canal and their generation capacity ranges from 0.8

Royal Dutch/Shell is considering involvement in a controversial plan to launch a market in permits to emit carbon dioxide, the gas linked to global warming. Mr. Jim Dawson, head of Shell's new

A British environmental group has promised to plant new forests in exchange for petrol sales. The Carbon Storage Trust is linked up with supermarket chain Tesco in a scheme aimed at providing a

The Commonwealth ombudsman has undermined the Australian Government's position on greenhouse gas reductions by describing the coalition's economic models on the impact of climate change as unbalanced

President Clinton proposes devoting about $6 billion, in a combination of research subsidies and tax credits, during the next five years to address the problem of global warming. It's an initiative