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The weather machine seems to have gone into overdrive. Scientists assert that the rise in temperature is unprecedented, at least since the 15th century. And, in the 20th century, an increase in the level of greenhouse gases is cited as the main reason

India experienced the worst summer in fifty years which left more than 3,000 dead and millions soaking in sweat. The heat wave took its toll in almost every state in the country, the worst-affected

On Sunday, June 7, the meteorological office in Pune and the Indian Meteorological Department in New Delhi released a cyclone warning pertaining to Gujarat and the neighboring states. However, the

The showers that hit Delhi on June 16 caught everyone, including meteorologists, completely unawares. They heralded the earliest onset of monsoon in 97 years. Expected to arrive by June 29, the rains

Hordes of exotic pests could soon be descending upon unsuspecting humanity, thanks to global warming

Bleaching of corals in the Andaman Sea points to global

The Rs 479.21 crore Pagladiya dam project in lower Assam of the Brahmaputra Board is awaiting investment clearance from the Planning Commission. The project received techno-economic approval of the

The US government is massively subsidizing one of the major causes of climate change, the burning of oil, according to a new report released by Greenpeace International. As international negotiations

Scientists figure out the common cold handshake

Talking can raise our blood