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A new policy adopted by the Japanese government calls for wider use of nuclear power and vehicles with low CO2 emission levels. The policy is designed to help Japan achieve its goal of reducing

Scientists : El Nino is dying. According to satellite images, the Pacific Ocean waters warmed by El Nino are receding. Colder temperatures are creeping in. But scientists say it's still too early to

The Japanese government plans to trade greenhouse-gas emission rights to account for 1.8 percentage points of the 6.0% emissions cut from 1990 levels it has agreed to make by

European Union environment ministers agreed on Wednesday a deal to share out the burden of cutting the 15 nation bloc's emissions for greenhouse gases, seen as causing global warming. Individual

A study project conducted by the Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) has suggested replacement of the conventional pulverised coal sub-critical (PCSub-C) technology by integrated coal gasification

Global warming, an unusual escalation in surface temperatures worldwide because of the ever-increasing emission of greenhouse gases, might affect the Western Ghats forests, including those in Uttara

Is gene therapy really safe? Though most say yes, no one is absolutely sure

Molecules that mimic DNA could be turned into a new family of anti

The United Nations development Programme (UNDP) will provide a fresh grant assistance of $10.3 million to support India's efforts to minimise environmentally harmful greenhouse gas emissions by

Environmental change must be marketed like any other modern concept. That was the most striking conclusion of an Anglo-German environmental forum to explore how the UK and Germany can deliver