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Volcanic explosions don't only throw up a lot of dust and kill thousands of people. Even two years after a flare up, weather patterns in distant places can be affected.

MOTIVATED by the need for a holistic understanding of the impact of human activity on the earth's natural phenomena, scientists in the last decade have been studying the earth as an entire system,

The US envoy to the UN has indicated Washington may tone down its opposition to steps taken to reduce emission of greenhouse gases.

With many members of India's much appreciated delegation to the 1992 Earth Summit being posted to other duties, lndia needs to plan now to face the "her tagemlions ahead.

THE WEB is getting tighter. The South is finding out that the funds it was hoping to get to pay for global environmental problems are entangled in countless issues. The Global Environment Facility

Bitter cold and acute food shortages could take a toll of an estimated 30,000 Armenian lives if attempts to open relief corridors through Turkey and Georgia fail, warned President Levon

Rich in flora and fauna, rain forests are nevertheless ecologically fragile. Their loss due to human depredation could result in environmental degradation and climatic change on a scale never experienced before.

Simulated climate models show increasing carbon dioxide and chlorine emissions can drastically alter weather conditions and lead to the formation of an ozone hole over the Arctic.

SCIENTISTS from the University of Michigan in the US have discovered that stony lumps of calcium carbonate, known as otoliths, found in the ears of most fishes, can offer clues to seasonal

A tussle over funding clouds issues of climate change a biodiversity.