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The biosafety protocol is still a chimera

The justice department said on Tuesday that seven more people and one business have been charged in the department's investigation into the smuggling of ozone-depleting chemicals into the United

At the global warming conference in Kyoto in last December, Japan promised to cut greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide, to 6% below 1990's level by 2012. To achieve that target, the

Phytotech, a company based in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, USA, has come out with a technique to purify water contaminated with radiation. Interestingly, the technique uses sunflowers. It works by

Ultralight aircraft are being used to lead endangered cranes to their winter home

A new approach by the government resulted in rapid regreening

Doctors may soon use hi tech computers for the diagnosis of heart patients

A medicine that had been banned for its harmful effects, may soon stage a comeback

Researchers at the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), Coimbatore, have developed a fuel-efficient bio-mass gas stove. The bio-gas could be produced from animal and crop wastes, and used for

Bangladesh experienced its worst ever cold wave that killed at least 220 people in the western and northern districts. Biman Bangaladesh, the national airline, cancelled many of its domestic and