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DOW CORNING, the US silicon products manufacturer, has agreed to a US $3.2 billion deal, ending the long-running US battle over breast implant litigation. The company will pay the amount to

There is more to your average germ than you can digest with a straight face. These bacteria can prevent allergies and fight ulcers

The seed of a humble tree may be a substitute for diesel and could hasten rural electrification

Developing nations should not sit back and allow the US to do the thinking. They should find a way of making their contributions meaningful and, if necessary, even lobby for EU support to fight US pressure

Before looking for supporters elsewhere, the fossil fuel dependent North should take the first step in reducing carbon emissions at home

Developing nations should get more actively involved with international politics on climate change. They should propose and direct negotiations, rather than just react and respond

The Kyoto Protocol could save the industralised North from taking action to reduce its own emissions. A cheaper and easier option is available to them: striking a deal with the poorer South

South Korea expresses its intent to reduce greenhouse gases "voluntarily", becomes the developed nations' showpiece to be presented at the COP 4 in Argentina

The Kyoto Protocol to the Climate Change Convention is the first step towards defining the emissions reduction targets of industralised countries. However, as a first step it falls short of

No Europe wide ban on potentially dangerous chemicals used in plastic toys