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To clarify whether dyslexia, a fairly-common disorder characterised by an unexpected low reading ability, involves the brain's defective processing of visual information, US-based National Center for

Female hormones can boost your sperms

A messy little marine pest can protect us from cancer, claim US scientists

The government is gearing up a national drive to cut greenhouse gas emissions in line with the agreement reached at the international climate-change conference at Kyoto in December last year.

A recent analysis of the mean surface air temperature at 14 stations in Sri Lanka over the period 1961-90 carried out by T K Fernando and L Chandrapala of the country's Department of Meteorology has

For a while now, some scientists have thought that global warming may be less humanity's fault than the sun's. Since 1990 evidence has accumulated that the earth's climate fluctuates on a cycle of

A recent study by five national laboratories for the U.S. Department of Energy - entitled the "interlaboratory Working Group, scenarios of U.S. Carbon Reductions : Potential Impacts of

A growing number of U.S. industry leaders are beginning to consider the impact of global warming and the need to develop new energy efficient technologies to cut greenhouse gases, suspected of

An environmentally friendly turbine that is powered only by the flow of water, but that can irrigate 5,000 hectares of land, could solve a pressing problem for small farmers in developing countries.

The long-awaited decision on free import of zinc ash continues to hang fire, with the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MEF) and secondary zinc manufacturers unable to arrive at a consensus over