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Even before negotiators from around the globe left Kyoto and returned home with a historic treaty to combat the threat of global warming, Japan knew how hard it would be to honor its part of the

The four state governments which stand to benefit from the Narmada dam project have been presenting their rehabilitation schemes to the Supreme Court for the past two days, in hope of getting work on

An embryonic "over the counter" market in carbon dioxide emission-related derivatives appears to be developing ahead of any official enabling legislation, according to officials at the Chicago Board

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry by the end of May plans to set industry-specific goals for reducing carbon-dioxide emissions, government sources said. Japan is committed to pushing

soft pvc toys for infants release unacceptable quantities of hazardous substances, says a Scientific Committee of the European Union (eu) in Brussels. The Committee states that exposure of babies

Now that the culprit finally in sight, scientists are trying to finish it. This time for good

An "intelligent bandage' that will administer antibiotics only when required has been developed by Japanese researchers. The bandage contains antibiotic molecules hooked up with a peptide attached to

The amoebae s intriguing hunger call has the whole scientific community excited

The year 1997 was the warmest since temperature record-keeping started according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminis

Science takes on nature as climatologists try to predict El Ni o patterns in an attempt to warn governments of climatic anomalies