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Environmentalists in Europe are campaigning for a tax on aviation fuels to reduce aircraft emissions

scientists: Glaciers are fast receding in Antarctica because of global warming, say Indian experts who have returned from a national expedition of the icy continent recently. The Dakshin Gangotri

A new player has entered the global warming debate, the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. The center intends to focus on research, public education and most of all, figuring out what can and

President Bill Clinton was urged by European Union politicians and US environmentalists to beef up US policy for tackling climate change. The United Nations Environment Programme, plans to set up an

Nearly 600,000 women die of pregnancy-related complications every year. One woman in 30 who

Shrimp farms in Latin America produce a quarter of the three million tonnes of shrimp consumed worldwide each year. Consequently, shrimp farmers are destroying the mangrove forests to make shrimp

Americans wake up to a vital need of the human body: sleep

Thirteen Fortune 500 companies representing oil, automakers, utilities and other big industries have said they will join a campaign to rally support to fight global warming.Bucking many smokestack

President Clinton urged the building industry to join a national campaign aimed at cutting energy consumption in new houses in half over the next decade. Clinton's challenge came at the formal launch

A study published in Nature magazine by climatologist Michael Mann and colleagues from the University of Massachusetts, may help melt away any lingering doubt about global warming. The scientists