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Scientists claim that sulphate aerosols reduce global warming

Fisherfolk threaten to gut intrusive foreign trawlers despite India's recent review of its Deep Sea Fishing policy

The recent breaking away of a massive iceberg from the Antarctic peninsula has generated a heated debate on the bothers of global warming

At the recent Berlin Climate Summit, amid North South wrangles, an agreement was reached to detail how to and who has to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The government can truly be proud that it played a big role in the outcome of the recent Berlin climate convention. Its record, however, was not an entirely unbesmirched one. Indian officials, goaded

Lunar phases influence global temperature

Despite Third World pressures, the Northern countries refused self restraint in the Berlin Climate Change summit

IT'S a bit less than a conspiracy, a bit more than a fetish. Five international organisations have made forest conservation their overriding priority. The gigantic United Nations bureaucracy based in

How good are the North's offers of joint implementation programmes with the South to cut the latter's carbon dioxide emissions?

THE industrialised countries are back to their pre-Rio game of chess. They imposed their narcissistic environmental agenda on the economically atremble South by virtually bamboozling it into signing