The 11th plan has set what industry considers a modest target of 10,000 mw capacity addition in five years. Everyone agrees that much more is possible. But for this to happen, big time, the business of wind must be into energy generation and not just encashing credits because of investment subsidies.

Nature's News team looks at how much carbon-free energy might ultimately be available

Amid the turbulence of the credit crunch, investors are increasingly concerned with finding a safe asset class for investment - property is crashing, the stock market has crashed and bonds look risky. Investors are looking to diversify their portfolios into a variety of alternative asset classes. Energy infrastructure could provide that potential safe haven.

31 Jul 2008

The Prime Minister has released India’s national action plan on climate change. For those engaged in the business of environment and climate, the plan may offer nothing new or radical. But, as I see it, the plan asserts India can grow differently, because “it is in an early stage of development”.

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Kolkata, March 10 ITC Ltd, according to the company's just released 4th Sustainability Report, under its Social and Farm Forestry initiative has greened over 77,0000 hectares, creating an estimated

15 Jan 2008

The road to next climate negotiation turns hostile as some developing nations are upgraded.