This new solar power policy announced by Gujarat government is aimed at transforming the state into an "integrated solar generation hub" of the country. Offers several incentives to solar power generators for promoting clean energy generation in the state.

This publication provides stimulating analysis on future scenarios of energy use, which focus on a range of technologies that are expected to emerge in the coming years and decades. There is now universal recognition of the fact that new technologies and much greater use of some that already exist provide the most hopeful prospects for mitigation of emissions of GHGs.

With its foreign relations in a mess due to continuing human rights accusations, Zimbabwe's diplomatic attempts seem to have taken a turn for the desperate. President Robert Mugabe is facing the ire

Japan has pitted fashion lovers and conservationists in a rare battle. A current energy conservation drive urges government servants and politicians to dress casually, sans neckties and suits, from

Imagine a dense forest lush with orchids, mosses and ferns on practically every surface, where each tree branch is like a garden, and the air is cool and damp due to perpetually misty conditions.

Folklore guides farmers about droughts and rains

Global warming has led to rise in tick borne encephalitis cases

An environmental report checks the impact of Chinese rule over Tibet

Indian scientists discover how living in the frigid continent affects the mind and the body