The present work aims at studying the fuel characteristics of 18 coal samples from different parts of India and 10 biomass samples. The analysis has been done based on different categories, such as proximate analysis, ultimate analysis, determination of calorific value and analysis of sulphur.

30 Jun 2009

It was the biannual gathering of over 100,000 Protestants in Bremen, a small town in Germany. As the articulate minister for environment, Sigmar Gabriel, came to participate in a discussion on energy security for a climate-secure world, many stood up. Soon the hall was full of blue placards, held high, all saying: “No to coal.” The minister, I could see, was riled.

B. Muralidhar Reddy

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka and China on Monday signed an agreement on the second and third stages of the $891-million Norochcholai Coal Power 600 MW Project. Meanwhile, local media reported that the Jathika Hela Urmaya (JHU), a constituent of the ruling combine, had threatened to withdraw from the government if it implemented the 13th Amendment and gave police powers to provinces.

Insects Found A Mile Underground Posess Ability To Break Down Coal, Releasing Methane

Craig Venter, the controversial American scientist who helped decode the human genome, has announced the discovery of ancient bacteria that can turn coal into methane, suggesting they may help to solve the world

Sri Lanka government said that the electricity charges in the country would be reduced after the establishment of Norochcholai Coal Power Plant.

LUCKNOW: It's red alarm from the Northern Regional Power Committee (NRPC), the apex body to review power situation in the northern states, vis-a-vis power situation in Uttar Pradesh.

Technology to capture carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants and store them underground will be ready by 2015 and could be in wide use in the United States by 2020, according to the top executive at American Electric Power Co Inc.

New Delhi: The plan of MMTC Ltd, a trading firm under the commerce ministry, to import coal worth Rs 6,000 crore has come under cloud, with the Central Vigilance Commission seeking to know whether government norms were violated or tender conditions changed to tailor the deal to suit two private firms, top government sources said.

New Delhi: The black diamond industry is in for a bigticket reform, with the government gearing up to usher in an open-bidding regime and set up a regulator in six months or so to open up coal mining to private players without the restriction of captive use.

A global shift toward nuclear power is prompting countries to rush to lock in long-term access to tight supplies of uranium, and China and India look to be the next players to get in on the action.