The India Energy Conclave 2007 would focus on the preparedness of the Indian energy sector to keep up with the rapidly growing Indian economy. It will focus on a wide range of topics of interest to stakeholders. It would cover both conventional and non-conventional energy and focus on policy, power, coal, gas and technology.

Dao Duy Dang remembers the night in 1963 when the lights came on in Uong Bi. "People were so excited," the 70-year-old tea-shop owner says, recalling the cheers that rang through the northern Vietnamese town after one of the country's first coal-fired power plants began operating. "Their whole lives they had wished for electricity." Be careful what you wish for.

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When Sted Syiemlieh was a little boy, people in his mountain village, Tyrna, a few km from Cherrapunjee in Meghalaya, could predict when the skies would open up. "It was always at the same time,' the

Bhp Billiton, the world's biggest mining company, is planning to raze some of the great apes' rainforest habitat. The company is known to be an ardent supporter of the widely-watched bbc

Conventional thinking has it that combating climate change will be a drain on the global economy. But Barclays Capital, a leading investment bank in the us, has recently said that combating

Safety in mines has improved today compared to days of bonded mine labour. But mines which employ 1 per cent of the global labour force remain hazardous Over half the world's mining

an explosion in an abandoned underground coalmine tore through several homes in West Bengal's Burdwan district on January 16, 2007. It also caused cracks along a stretch of the National Highway 2

Key World Energy Statistics contains timely, clearly-presented data on the supply, transformation and consumption of all major energy sources.

Safety the major casualty in mining