coastal clearances: The Union Ministry of Environment and Forests issued the second draft of the Coastal Zone Management (CZM) notification, which allows green-field airports on coasts.

The National Fishworkers Forum has urged the Centre to immediately withdraw the "ill-conceived draft Coastal Zone Management (CZM) notification. For, it will not only adversely impact the fragile ecological system and marine life but also take away the means of livelihood from the 10-million fishing community, representatives of the forum told a press conference here on Friday. "The future of millions of fisherfolk is at stake as the Centre, in league with the governments of coastal States, plans to bring up huge commercial projects along the 8,118-km long coastline.'

Environment impact assessment was supposed to be a critical tool in environmental decision-making. But it has been re-engineered to severely reduce its usefulness as an instrument for public participation in decision-making.

The draft Coastal Management Zone (CMZ) notification published recently by the Ministry of Environment and Forests for public comments will replace the existing Costal Regulation Zone (CRZ) when it is finalised. Attempts to protect the coastal stretch started in 1991 when developments were regulated with respect to the high tide line. In 2004, the MoEF set up a committee under the Chairmanship of M.S. Swaminathan to review the existing rules and recommend changes and if ne cessary recast the coastal regulatory framework.

This paper by Centre for Development Studies examines empirically within sustainable development framework the dynamics of coverage in rural drinking water supply of 180 demand-driven schemes from Malappuram, predominantly a coastal district of Kerala State.

The coastal marine environment provides enormous value in fishery and other products and in ecosystem services including coastal protection, water purification, and appropriate locations for ports, harbors, urban centers, tourist destinations, and numerous recreational pursuits.

The objectives of the Coastal Management Zone Notification '08 are peppered with politically correct terms -

Centre asks State to return 141 hectare of land used for dumping ground The much-hyped state government delegation led by Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh which made a presentation to the empowered group of ministers (EGOM) led by Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar to allot the 2,177 hectares of the salt pan land owned by the Centre for rehabilitating project-affected persons by various infrastructure projects failed to reach any consensus, according to official sources in the Mantralaya.

The proposed coastal industrial corridor by the Infrastructure Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd (INCAP) along the Andhra Pradesh coastline from Srikakulam to Nellore has attracted objections from the environmentalists, mass and some rights organisations.

The objective of this notification is protection and sustainable development of the coastal stretches and marine environment through sustainable coastal zone management practices based on sound scientific principles taking into account the vulnerability of the coast to natural hazards, sustainable livelihood security for local communities, and conservation of ecologically and culturally significant coastal resources.