Pacific Bio-Fields Holdings Plc said it has received approval to use 400,000 hectares of land to plant coconut trees in the Philippines to make alternative auto fuel, which it aims to sell to Japanese users in five years.

With a project that originally began in 1998 with the work of
Dr. Ing. Elmar Stumpf at the University of Hohenheim in Germany,

Pacific island nations want to popularise the use of coconut oil as a fuel instead of the increasingly expensive petroleum products. This was revealed at a recent un conference on small islands,

The tasty, popular coconut species of Thailand, kati, could not be produced in large scale because it is infertile. But scientists have now found a way to overcome its sterility

COIR IS excellent for making the nettings or grids used on denuded hill-sides to fix soil and promote growth of vegetation, which, in turn, prevents landslides and improves the ecological balance in