The Union government s decision to strengthen small scale industries will have serious repercussions on the efforts to save environment

If no action is taken soon, a major ecological disaster is waiting to strike Panipat

Even untreated sewage water in Norway is cleaner than the water flowing in the Ganga

Under the first phase of the Yamuna Action Plan, the National River Conservation Directorate has approved a Rs 23.69-crore scheme for checking the discharge of untreated effluents from Sonepat into

Maharashtra and Gujarat. The brightest jewels in India s industrial crown. But impressive industrial growth figures fail to hide the grim realities of environmental pollution. While, the state governments are only bothered about industrial growth, the civ

residents of Tannery Road in Bangalore are facing a potable water crisis because tanneries located in the area are

For the polluting industrial estates at Patencheru in Andhra Pradesh ( Down To Earth , Vol 8, No 7), it was time to face the music. Acting upon the instructions of the Supreme Court, Medak

Although setting up of the EPA did result in policies to control pollution, political interference has blunted its effectiveness

This Writ Petition was filed in 1990 in the Supreme Court by the Indian Council for Enviro Legal Action & Others. against the industries and the CETP managements of PETL at Pathancheru and Bolaram for the pollution of the ground water and surface water caused by the discharge of the effluents from these CETPs. Among others, the A.P.

Doe's implementation muscle needs strengthening

In complete defiance of the court order and notices served by the Department of Environment (DoE) to install Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs), most of the industries falling under the severe and heavy polluter categories have been found to release their effluents in the rivers, canals and marshy lands surrounding the capital.