Delhi Statistical Hand Book-2014 is the 39th issue being published by Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi. This publication contains data relating to various Socio-economic parameters in respect of NCT of Delhi. Data is presented under 23 broad chapters.

In an effort to reduce the mounting pressure on capital Dhaka, the government will build modern and green satellite towns surrounding the city, said Housing and Public Works Minister Engineer Mosha

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Argentina launched its first domestically built communications satellite Thursday.

Climate change vulnerability assessments (CCVAs) help us to understand the extent to which ecological and human systems are likely to be affected by climate change and provide information on sensitivity and exposure to changes in climate as well as the adaptive capacity of systems and populations to withstand these changes.

The Statistical Yearbook of Bhutan 2014 is the thirty second edition of an annual series published by the National Statistics Bureau, Royal Government of Bhutan. It provides a comprehensive and systematic current statistical information of the key socio-demographic and economic characteristics of Bhutan. Through this publication, users will be able to glance Bhutan’s economy and population based on the latest available information.

The regional consultation on “Communication for development, community media and ICTs for family farming and rural development in Asia Pacific” focussed on good practices, trends and proposals for implementing inclusive and demand-driven ComDev services in the agricultural sector, improving the participation of community media and community base

The Central Statistics Office constituted a Standing Committee on Infrastructure Statistics (SCINS) to harmonize the concept of infrastructure and identify the sub sectors conforming to this concept. Presently six broad sectors of infrastructure viz. Transport, Energy, Communication, Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation, Irrigation and Storage are covered under infrastructure. The present publication “Infrastructure Statistics 2014” is the third issue of the publication incorporating the latest available data on each sub sector. The publication is now in two volumes.

National Statistics Bureau (NSB) is pleased to bring out the National Accounts Statistics, 2014. It presents Gross Domestic Product (GDP) estimates and other macro-economic aggregates such as final consumption of the households and the government, gross capital formation and saving for the period ending December 2013. This is the 26th publication in the series of National Accounts Statistics (NAS) published by National Accounts & Price Statistics Division, NSB.

The Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2014, the 45th edition of this series, includes the latest available economic, financial, social, and environmental indicators for the 48 regional members of the Asian Development Bank.

The State economy of Assam has witnessed a picturesque change over the period from 2004-05 to 2013-14, as the primary sector witnessed a shift to service sector and the service sector has flourished rapidly in the State economy, says the report of the Economic Survey, Assam, 2013-14 tabled on the Assam Assembly.