...are normally available with the local community

according to a national survey conducted in the late '80s, 69 per cent of India's pro

A revolutionary system of trade, the LETSystem, helps communities meet their requirements without depending on hard cash

Wildlife conservation has been a contentious issue with indigenous communities for whom wildlife remains a valuable source of income. The people of Masoka, a village in northern Zimbabwe, have tried

However Long is Forever Michael Isaac and Viren Kanitkar 17 mins

I am convinced that the best way to move towards liberalisation is not just to empower entrepreneurs, but also empower local communities, this will fail in fewer cases than the present governance system does

Community based risk assessment and abatement is a must in the age of expanding business opportunities

The international decade for indigenous peoples has just been ushered in with the usual brouhaha that accompanies all such gala events. vips will make speeches, money will be asked for and perhaps

A recent encyclical from the Pope bolsters resurgent anti abortionist "pro life" groups in the US