Some exciting recent developments indicate that India s forest people might soon have their home rights restored and be allowed to manage their own affairs

A workshop in Nepal on community forest use brings to the fore environmental gains of the concept

The anachronistic, and explosive, colonial formula of exploiting forests by denying the forest people their rights is still being followed to the letter by underdeveloped Indian administrators in the Dangs, Gujarat"s boondocks tribal belt

Alienation from traditional agricultural practices has ruined the economy of the Dangs

The systematic exploitation of the Dangs' forest wealth by outsiders is institutionalised in a colonial soap opera

It is an anomaly: the privy purse was abolished 24 years ago, yet, here, in the Dangs, they still exist. The British ruled in the Dangs under the foreign territories regulations. In 1947 it acceeded

The Dangis have been systematically stripped of their wealth and their rights and today they rank among the poorest

Corruption finished off a movement which could have unlocked the door to prosperity

The Vankars of Gujarat have reclaimed saline wastelands in Gujarat after 9 years of bloody struggle

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