Asbestos crimes: In an exemplary verdict in the US, seven present and former executives of WR Grace & Company, an asbestos firm, were recently indicted for a 26-year conspiracy. They were charged

common concern: A Montana jury ordered ChevronTexaco Corporation to pay us $40.3 million for environmental damage from a gasoline pipeline leak in 1955.

Relief to pour in Kerala

No stock, nuclear energy programme in crisis

But government says full steam ahead

Two steps faltering, plan takes third step

Le Corbusier s city is getting a face lift. A unique programme of the Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh MCC , is ridding the city of the most difficult component of waste debris, commonly known as malba. Malba, when mixed with solid waste, makes both c

For compulsory environmental insurance for industries

How can one conserve a wildlife sanctuary better? By flagrantly trespassing on one part of it. Then picking up the tab for planting trees on another in recompense. This is precisely the logic underlying a petition filed by Essar Oil Limited in the Supreme

Individuals and companies in western Australia could soon be asked to cough up US $0.25 million and US $1.25 million, respectively, for concealing or not reporting the discovery of contaminated