Several cities in India including Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, have begun to take steps to implement fiscal measures to address the problem of air pollution and congestion. The key focus of the fiscal measures are clean fuels and technologies including CNG, LPG and zero emissions technologies;

Despite the potential benefits of the BRT, the project made travel on the city road a nightmare for sanimuters. The loudest complaints said it not only increased traffic congestion but also added to traffic woes.

With due respect to god, although not omniscient, we the car-driving and personal vehicle-driven are omnipotent. Let us not feel we are hoist to a new government petard


Ahmedabad: If you are stuck in a traffic jam on SG Road and are putting the blame solely on traffic police, your criticism could be misplaced.

This report was designed to analyze the traffic safety situation in India, and to identify countermeasures for areas in which the total harm caused by crashes can be substantially and readily reduced. The report focuses on two aspects of traffic safety in India: challenges and opportunities.

Blessed with gigantic oil deposits, Abu Dhabi has the world's highest per capita consumption of energy. Now, a green metropolis is being built there, eventually to become a center for regenerative forms of energy. Is this going to work? A report from the construction site.


Some of the nosiest streets of the city have alarmed ear experts. A recent study by L D College of Engineering of 13 roads suggests that noise levels have exceeded well past the acceptable limits and prolonged exposure to such noise levels can lead to what experts say Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

Congestion pricing is not a new concept, but over the years it has proved to be a successful model in cities like Singapore and London. Here

Economic incentives are

By Sreshta and Krithika,DH News Services,Bangalore:
The global economic slump and high interest rates on automobile loans might have dampened the sales of two and four-wheelers, but in Namma Bengaluru, vehicles continue to flood the roads.

According to statistics available from the RTO, nearly 100 people apply for driving licences everyday.