The city now has 100 more cluster buses, taking the fleet to 1,590.

Paris plans to turn a stretch of highway on the right bank of the river Seine into a pedestrian zone in an attempt to reduce pollution despite protests from drivers.

SEOUL – South Korea announced on Monday an ambitious plan to build in the next three years a network of smart expressways, adapted to electric vehicles and self-driving cars, to limit traffic conge

Delivery vehicles are major greenhouse gas emitters but new software reroutes trucks with real-time data and machine learning

A main reason behind increase in PM10 levels is steep hike in number of vehicles in the city.

The understanding of rapidly evolving concentrations of particulate matter (PMC) at signalised traffic intersections (TIs) is limited, but it is important for accurate exposure assessment. We performed “mobile” and “fixed-site” monitoring of size-resolved PMCs in the 0.25–34 μm range at TIs. On-road mobile measurements were made inside a car under five different ventilation settings on a 6 km long round route, passing through 10 different TIs. Fixed-site measurements were conducted at two types (3- and 4-way) of TIs.

BENGALURU: If everything goes according to plan, IT firms will be asked to reschedule their office timings and stagger work hours to reduce traffic during peak hours.

GHAZIABAD: The National Green Tribunal has stayed work on elevated road in the area falling within 'bird sanctuary' land.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia directed officials that the waterlogging helpline number 1077 be made functional on a 24x7 basis and was told it was already functioning round-the-clock.

Lucknow: Traffic congestion prevailing all day on the 100-metre stretch around Lucknow Metro construction work site near Charbagh railway station has disturbed Dr Faisal Ali's schedule.