Because of more carbon dioxide emissions, warns new study

Global warming increases the acidity levels of oceans

the good dose: As per a study by the US-based National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a combination of three drugs

Degradation of mangroves affects reef fish population

Scientists from the Geoscience Australia expedition have discovered an uncharted 120-square kilometre (sq km) coral reef in Queensland's Gulf of Carpentaria. The reef is so far said to have escaped

Pathogens behind coral bleaching, say scientists

Australia's Great Barrier Reef is facing a different kind of danger. Runoffs from the sugarcane fields along the 2,000-kilometre-long coastal strip that runs parallel to the reef are said to increase

As ocean waters get warmer, coral reefs look even paler this year

A new enemy may be threatening Australia's Great Barrier Reef. A condition scientists are calling white syndrome was found on 33 of 48 reefs surveyed in the national marine park, said Australian

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