NI ARK (1984-2001) New Internationalists Publications . Oxford . 2002 In a deluge of suspect information you need the New Internationalist Ark (NI Ark) to keep you

...researchers discover oldest hard shelled marine animal

Warming climate spawns disease epidemics

Massive coral bleaching strikes Great Barrier Reef

Pollution is not only directly affecting coral reefs, but is indirectly also making life difficult for them. Sunlight is

salt is destroying Australia's waterways and agricultural zones, says a recent study conducted by a committee of more than 100 scientists, government agencies and private sector groups. The report

The most detailed analysis of coral reefs in Southeast Asia indicates that threats to the world's most important and extensive reef system are much higher than what was

Dynamite fishing

From imposing restrictions on harvesting of shark species to having second thoughts about them, the authorities seem utterly confused

The number of coral reefs in the world is far less than what scientists had believed. They are also shrinking fast due to pollution, climate change and fishing. This was revealed during the most