The passing of electric current can turn metal into coral reefs. Thomas Goreau, president of the Global Coral Reef Alliance, a New York-based reef protection organisation, sparked off the idea of

The world s seas and oceans harbour about 600 species of corals, most of which are hard put to escape human marauders. A people s initiative in the Philippines, however, has fought to save the reefs and succeeded

An island holds up a model in marine conservation

In Phuket, a community initiative pays dividends

The coral reefs off the coast of Thailand may yet be saved because of joint action by conservationists and villagers. A case in point is the village of Sikao in Trang province of

A biornaterial based on coral's structure to set broken bones

THERE is something down under Down Under that has scientists of prehistory busy revising their notions of a lost past: off the coast of Tasmania has been found a colony of living coral and other

Peace and economic fortune in West Asia has arrived at a cost too dear to measure in purely financial terms: the environment is drowning under the sheer weight of tourism. The coral reefs of the Red

Coral reefs, one of the world's most biologically diverse ecosystems, are in a steady state of decline around the world. A study by the World Conservation Union and the United Nations

The newly-formed combined committee on wetlands, mangroves and coral reefs faces a big challenge from heavy encroachments and popular opposition