Making an obvious reference to IPS officer Narendra Kumar, who was crushed to death in March while trying to stop a tractor carrying illegally mined stones in Madhya Pradesh, a city court has held

A New York state court on Wednesday dismissed a Tea Party-backed lawsuit that tried to block the state from participating in a cap-and-trade system to cut carbon emissions in the Northeast, finding

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed new national air quality standards that would significantly reduce levels of fine-particle soot.

Around 6,000 lawsuits have been filed against Norway-based aluminium firm Norsk Hydro in a Brazilian small-claims court in relation to a 2009 water spill at an alumina refinery, the firm said on Fr

Countries that oppose the European Union's move to include airlines in its scheme to control carbon emissions would find it difficult to bring a dispute to the World Trade Organization (WTO), an of

European courts may be asked to decide whether Britain acted illegally by proposing not to clean up air pollution in British cities for over a decade after an appeal was dismissed.

In yet another indictment of the land acquisition policy of the previous Mayawati Government, the Allahabad High Court on Wednesday quashed acquisition of 68 hectares of village land on the pretext

The Government will face a fresh hearing in the Court of Appeal tomorrow (May 30) over claims it has failed to bring illegal air pollution levels under control.

The captain and the navigation officer of a container ship that smashed into a reef off a popular New Zealand holiday resort were jailed on Friday for causing the country's worst environmental disa

Pretrial discussions began on Wednesday in a rare public interest lawsuit whose plaintiffs include non-governmental environmental organizations.