Arun Bothra and Komal Jain

The judge could only punish the guilty as per the law book. Just because people are angry and the media is getting hysteric he could not invent new sections of the law. In fact maximum punishment for the offence under Section 304B is two years and it has been awarded

The inhabitants of the city of Bhopal became victim of the world

BHOPAL NGOs working for the cause of the gas victims here have reacted sharply to the former Chief Justice of India A.H.


More details tumbled out today in the Bhopal gas tragedy case of how former Union Carbide CEO Warren Anderson got bail immediately after his arrest. However, the then CBI chief rejected claims that the agency was asked not to pursue his extradition.

The verdict in the Bhopal gas tragedy has caused considerable outrage. It seems to provide little recompense to the victims, and little assurance to the public at large that the legal system is up to protecting us from the risks that make us all vulnerable.

Milind Ghatwal

A delegation of Utt Goenkara along with a few villagers affected by continuous mining dust pollution at Honda, Pissurlem and Harvalem met Director of Mines Arvind Loliyekar on Wednesday to apprise him about overloading of trucks and to know about guidelines, if any, for the umpteen number of ore carriers passing through these villages that have made life miserable.

New Delhi: The Centre, under fire from the victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy for the way the legal case has panned out over the last 26 years, on Wednesday announced the reconstitution of a Group of Ministers (GoM) to go into the relief and rehabilitation measures for those affected by the world's worst industrial disaster.

With growing criticism of the verdict on the Bhopal gas leak disaster, the government today reconstituted a Group of Ministers to go into a range of issues relating to the December 1984 incident.