Male crocodiles of the Nile river could face extinction due to an invasive plant. The trifid weed has invaded the shoreline-nesting habitat for the crocodiles at Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, the

Several countries reap benefits from sustainable culling of crocodiles. Not India. The Indian government has banned export of crocodile skins. James Perran Ross, executive officer of the Crocodile

Defying international wildlife treaties, the Malawi government recently ordered officials and commercial hunters to begin the killing of Nile crocodiles. "The government has taken such a decision

THIRTY nine men have died so far after taking the anti-impotency drug Viagra, confirms the us Food and Drug Administration (PDA). About 85 per cent of the patients were found to have one or more risk

Although wild crocodiles are considered endangered, the prospects for growth in the crocodile farming business really looks good in Siem Reap, Cambodia - up to 1,350 per cent, Nao Thuok, who is

Rats.... rats.... we've got to get rid of the rats. Irula tribals offer the most environmentally safe, low cost way to do it